About Me - Michael Leonard

I got interested in photography about 15 years ago mainly due to my photographic inexperience, or "lack of smarts".

I was (and still am) a great admirer of David Nightingale, a British photographer and got the crazy notion that if he could do it, "I could do it." So, I ordered the first SLR I saw from the Shopping Channel, bought some film and started on my very expensive journey of self discovery.

As it turns out, David was shooting digital while I was struggling with film. I had no clue what ISO 100 was, except that it was best for shooting landscapes and that ISO 800 film was good for shooting in low light. Little did I know that there was this thing called "film grain" that existed with every roll of 800 speed film I purchased, and, dozens of grainy, unusable rolls later I was about ready to give up and throw my camera into the garbage when I decided to try a Digital SLR.

Once I started tinkering with my first dSLR, a Canon Rebel XT, I learned about all my mistakes with film, finally figured out why I was an idiot for buying ISO 800 film and learned why David Nightingale was so proficient while I was a creative dud. So, from then on I have been trying to learn little bits here and there while working a full time job and being a full time husband and father of 3. It hasn't been easy, and I've considered stepping back from the camera many times, but I always find myself reaching for it when the light is right.

I'm not too big on flattery, so you won't find me bragging myself up to be a modern Vincent Van Gogh (minus the missing ear of course). However, I am proud of what I have photographed over the years and still have a dream of one day making the cover of National Geographic. I know it's a pipe dream, but it's still a dream.

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